Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oh NO!!!!

 I am at a complete loss of words. My heart hurts so bad I just want to die inside. My friend, Katie, was killed today. We were minding our own business. I don't know why they opened fire on Elijah's car. I know she didn't like me all that much, but still she catered to me with the love and compassion of a sweet grandma. Why oh why did Katie have to die? I don't get it! I still can't believe she's gone. What's worse, we had to dump her body outside of the hospital.
This fiasco is all her fault. If she had just followed the plan, followed the rules, but no! Her stupidity cost Katie her life. Sorry for all the ranting but I'm just so angry. Who will I crochet with now? None of the others do any craft nor do they know how to crochet. How will I finish my doll now? Crocheting kept me calm in this chaotic world of ours.

Man! That Was a Close One......

     Good! You're still here. I was so afraid there was nobody left. Things got kind of hectic after my last post. We were almost discovered by some of Nicolaitanes' goons. I don't know which one of you told him where we were, but God delivered us from that fiasco. I am so thankful and so relieved. We all got here to our new location safely.
     So what's been happening out there in the real world? Are you all safe? You do realize that crazy man, Nicolaitanes Balac is a madman trying to take over the world, right? I, personally, don't know if this part is true, but a lot of people truly believe this man is the son of Satan (the devil).  I can see how they would think that. I'm still trying to make my own decision about that. I mean, I know he's evil incarnate but I don't know about him being the antichrist or anything. What do you think about him? I would truly love to know.