Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So Many Books...So Little Time For Anything Other Than Reading

     My author sure has been very busy lately. It's hard to believe there's three books out already about what's going on in my life. Perhaps one of them explains why I'm being hunted down like a dog. If when you're reading you figure it out, by all means please tell me. I would definitely like to know. Especially since I have no recollection of what happened. I don't even know why I even know the man. He's not my type!

    In Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes, you'll discover a little history behind Nicolaitanes Balac. You may even be surprised to find out where he comes from. I know I was which is saying a lot because I was there. You should really go and grab a copy so you can become acquainted with my story. People, you can buy a copy of the first book for less than a dollar. Isn't that amazing?

   A mysterious voice tells General Ludlow about a military operation that will bring an end to the world's evil. Nicolaitanes Balac is given political power beyond what anyone has ever been entrusted with before. Who is the voice? Is this the type of power that should be given to a single man? What role will Nicolaitanes play in ending the world's chaos? Will mankind be able to withstand the growing evil spreading across the globe? Will Operation Dark Angel succeed?

In The World at War, this book is really kind of scary. At least to me it is. So much turmoil happens as the world plunges head first in the World War III. I know you probably think things are pretty bad right now with the little wars here but this is so much worse! Close your eyes and picture being in a war zone for a minor war contained in a little area. Okay. Now open your eyes to what you just pictured and multiply it times ten. Now do you get the idea? It's pretty horrible right now.

    The world is in complete chaos as major nations wage war against each other forcing mankind to take sides. The entire world is watching Nicolaitanes Balac and his continuing rise to global power. Will he be the one to save the world? Is this who we should rely on for help or will this be the worst mistake that mankind has ever made? 

And last but not least is the final book written so far, World Deception. This is what's currently going on around me. The world is being deceived and people are falling for it, but not me.

     Mysterious attacks on Israel have caused the world to take sides as WWIII wreaks havoc on the earth. One-fourth of the earth's population has disappeared while another fourth has been slaughtered. The UWR (United World Religion) is steadily gaining power with the help of Nicolaitanes Balac. Who will come to save the people of the world?
Horrible right? By now, I bet you're intrigued as to what is going on in my life. I know I am. I cannot wait for the next part of the series to come out. I never know what it is that I'm going to go through until the book comes out. Funny right? Well, go on and check out the  The Apocalypse series! I guarantee you won't be bored. See you around.

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