Saturday, May 3, 2014

Check It Out

Hi everyone, I know that I've been missing in action for quite some time now, but I'm finally back where I have some internet service. My author has been busy revamping the second book in this exciting series. I really think that you are going to like the changes. (those of you who have already read it should give it another go when she's done) Also, you're not going to believe her generosity. For those of you who already have the book, you will need to send her an email or message on facebook so that you can get your free e-book copy of the new and improved version. I'm sure that she will post when it is available. Even I am excited about it. I wonder if she's made any changes involving me? I know when she is done she will be busy writing the third book in the series and I definitely cannot wait to read about that. I am dying to know what happens to me next. Well, I should probably let you go now because I don't want to be online too long, Nicolaitanes might find me. Have a blessed day and stay tuned. I'll be writing on here a lot more often, I promise.