Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guess what??? You can pre-order now....

Now is your chance to show your love and support for The Apocalypse Series! Pre-order your copies now before they become available to the general public. Thank you so much for your orders.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Sorry that I have not been here in a few days, but we've had to move again. Andrew and Tara found us (though I don't know how) and we (Katy, Ezekiel, Germaine and I) were almost captured. I don't know what's with those guys. You would think that they would give up already, but no!

It wasn't any of you who gave away our location was it? I know that there's a hefty reward out on my head. But seriously folks, I doubt that you will ever see a dime of it. If it's given by Nicolaitanes or The Group, you may wind up with a lot more than you bargained for. Don't let their lies sway you. It isn't worth it. Besides it may cost you your freedom or worse.

Take care my friends and stay safe. I won't be here as often as I want because I have to really be careful (at least until we get a secure location).